Baseball’s Instant Replay

At first, I was skeptical of Major League Baseball introducing instant replay, but after discussing the differences between Cricket and Baseball with a friend of mine who is originally from India, and has played and watch Cricket live, I began warming to the idea of instant replay.

A lot of arguments against instant replay are based on people saying that it will ruin the game of Baseball.

Cricket, the game that Baseball stemmed from, was first played in England in the 18th Century. The International Cricket Council has introduced instant replay in 2008, using it to review run-outs, stampings, and doubtful catches. Cricket’s instant replay system allows players to seek reviews by a third umpire, of decision made by the on-field umpires.

So, if the age old game of Cricket, a game that was the inspiration behind America’s Pastime, why not be happy about Major League Baseball introducing instant replay.