Arizona Sonora News Service


Smaller Arizona airports to offer cheaper airfare during the holidays
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is bracing for as many as 30,000 additional travelers per day during the busy holiday travel season starting on Dec. 18, but travelers might find it’s cheaper to fly out of smaller airports around the state. Read More


Arizona drought may be nearing an end
After historic summer rainfall in Arizona, the state is still in a drought, but that may change over the next three months. Read More



Oldest Bars and Saloons in Arizona
Tucson’s legendary Buffet Bar will celebrate its 80th anniversary on Nov. 1. As the oldest bar in the city, it’s still clinging to its reputation as a UA hangout. Read More



Arizona universities approach crime with simple advice: Be aware
The most prevalent crime on the University of Arizona campus is theft — laptop computers, bikes, cell phones and other digital devices. The same is true for Northern Arizona University, which also focuses much of its effort on crime prevention. Read More


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